Social responsibility

By upholding and sharing the values set forth in the UN Global Compact, EL 6 follows its mission, in line with the global sustainable development agenda, which includes areas such as decent work and economic growth, good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, provision of clean water and sanitation, climate action.

EL 6 is working continuously to increase social responsibility and improve the well-being of 4,900 employees.
In 2021, the average salary growth in the Company reached 15%.

At the same time, the costs of social programs for employees exceeded RUB 64.5 million.

Key social responsibility initiatives in 2022:

  • Full compensation for summer holidays at health resorts for employees' children
  • Bonus for employees' children with good academic achievements
  • Charitable activities and regular patronage assistance to organizations such as schools, kindergartens, sports organizations and orphanages.  In 2021, EL Novocherkassk built a playground for the children of the Novocherkassk Specialized Orphanage
  • Assistance in urban environment improvement. In 2021, EL 6 Novocherkassk purchased the largest artificial 22-meter Christmas tree and handed it over to the Rostov Region
  • For several years, EL 6 Novosibirsk has been a member of the National Corporate Volunteer Council, taking part in environmental campaigns in the region
  • As part of the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources of the Ob-Irtysh river basin, EL 6 Novosibirsk stocks valuable fish in the Ob River and its tributaries every year
  • EL 6 Chelyabinsk contributed to the landscaping of a square in the Metallurgical District in 2021

Development of operation areas

As a major employer in the operation areas, we care about the sustainable development of the areas where our employees live and work. We are developing the infrastructure of settlements, investing in social and sports projects, and implementing comprehensive charitable programs. In 2021, RUB 23.8 million was allocated for these purposes.

SDGs for EL 6