EL 6 prioritizes green production, strictly observing the environmental law. At the same time, environmental efforts are not limited to those prescribed by Russian laws. The environment management systems at EL 6 Novosibirsk and EL 6 Novocherkassk are ISO 14001:2004 certified.

The Company has a comprehensive environmental program. The production facilities run regular environmental audits to monitor the emission sources that increase environmental risks

Environmental efforts to reduce emissions and other harmful effects are regularly developed and introduced. Waste disposal measures are being improved. The enterprises have introduced a modern unique method for removing tarry substances from high-temperature exhaust gases; after the production process water is diverted to cleaning and processing systems.

Atmosphere Protection:

In 2021, total greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) decreased by 18% (relative to the base year 2018). EL 6’s strategic goal is to continuously reduce the specific CO2 emissions (per ton of product) with the total output increased.

Energy Management

As a result of the energy-saving measures the Company introduces regularly, the specific electricity consumption decreased by 5% in 2021. The Energy policy was introduced in 2022. EL 6 key energy efficiency measures:

  • reconstruction of workshop lighting systems
  • energy recovery from waste gases produced by industrial furnaces
  • switch to alternative fuel

Waste Management

Our goal is to minimize core production waste and maximize recycling. Class 3-5 non-hazardous waste prevails in the waste balance of production facilities. All waste is sent to licensed companies for processing and/or disposal.

Water Resources Management

The infrastructure of EL 6 is located in favorable geographical areas with low climatic risks of floods and earthquakes. Also, the Company's production processes are not considered to be subject to serious physical risks. However, EL 6 actively uses natural resources, mainly water.

EL 6 Priority Environmental Measures:

  • Eliminating excess emissions
  • Sending industrial waste to licensed companies for processing, disposal and use
  • Consistently reducing greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the climate impact and using low-impact modern technologies
  • Reconstructing the water recycling system
  • Upgrading workshop aspiration systems

As for environmental protection, El 6 is committed to open and accessible ecological information. The corporate environmental policy recognizes the right of each stakeholder to receive accurate and objective information about environmental compliance and measures taken by the Company to protect the environment.

SDGs for EL 6