Corporate Environment

The decision to consolidate the Group’s production assets under the EL 6 single brand taken on August 9, 2021 will allow the Company to bring the entire management system, including sustainability management, to a new level.

The consolidation will result in improving the sustainability of all the Company’s business processes, from the raw material supply of enterprises to interaction with all stakeholder groups (customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, regional authorities, media, etc.).

The unified management principles will be specified in EL 6’s Sustainable Development Policy and a number of other key documents.
The Code of Corporate Conduct and Corporate Ethics has already been adopted and is in force, including:

  • Mutual respect: creating an environment for everyone’s development with respect to each other, regardless of their position and place of work. Our culture is based on trust and fairness.
  • Equal conditions for all participants and an equal attitude to all of them from the Company.
  • Establishment of an effective risk management and internal control system to achieve the goals set by the Company.
  • Information transparency of the Company’s activities for participants, potential investors and other stakeholders.

EL 6 has built an effective sustainability risk management system (RMS). The dedicated program was approved by the Company’s Board of Directors on April 28, 2021.

On November 12, 2021, Metalloinvest assigned EL 6 a high rating based on the values set out in the UN Global Compact in the Sustainable Supply Chain category.

SDGs for EL 6