Key facts

El 6 (formerly EPM Group) is the leading Russian manufacturer of graphite and carbon-based products. We are a worldwide supplier selling up to 50% of our products to more than 60 countries. El 6 actively expands in Russian and global carbon and graphite product markets continuous production improvements and new product introductions.

El 6 offers high-quality, leading edge products to customers round thе world. Russian manufacturer of graphite, carbon and саthode products known worldwide globalтор 5 manufacturer of graphite and carbon products.

Wide product range, from large-profile standard products то custom graphite products and special graphites.

Our largest consumers are steel, aluminum, Ferro alloy, silicon, chemical, nuclear and machinery industries.

  • Manufacturer of carbon and graphite products No. 1 in Russia
  • 5% of the global Carbon and Graphite production
  • 50% carbon and graphite product consumption in Russia
  • Supplier No. 1 of cathode blocks in Russia
  • We have been working with carbon for 66 years
  • More than 1,000 global customers
  • Customers from 60 countries across the world
  • Manufacturing capacity: 150k metric tons per year