Quality, technology, experience and professionalism are the cornerstones of competitiveness and prosperity, not only for the company but also for each individual employee.

EL 6 prioritizes ensuring a corporate environment that encourages the involvement of the employees in constant improvement of the company, increasing the customers’ satisfaction by means of an efficient quality management system.

To ensure the stable performance of the company, the EL 6 management accepts the following duties:

  • to operate in accordance with the principles and requirements of ISO 9001:2015 pursuing continuous improvement of processes, manufactured products and the quality management system as a whole;
  • to value quality over quantity;
  • to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements on the federal, regional and corporate levels;
  • to operate under process and risk-based approaches;
  • to boost the performance and efficiency of measures targeted at ensuring product quality throughout their life cycles;
  • to ensure continuous loss reduction and the production system development;
  • to constantly improve technological processes and boost the efficiency of product quality control;
  • to improve management efficiency through the management and production process automation;
  • to ensure a systematic analysis of the process performance environment taking into account social, competitive, economic, technological, international and market factors;
  • to provide employees with the necessary resources, knowledge and opportunities, constantly enhance their proficiency, motivation and involvement in the processes of the quality management system;
  • to impose high requirements on external suppliers and interact with them on mutually beneficial terms;
  • to strive for a long-term partnership with customers by constantly monitoring their requirements and expectations in order to ensure and boost their satisfaction level;
  • to constantly search for potential customers to expand the scope of activity.

The company ensures the efficient performance of the quality management system, and the involvement of employees in its continuous improvement, and also continuously strives to increase staff satisfaction.

The EL6 management accepts responsibility for the implementation of this Policy and for communicating it to each employee and other stakeholders.