Carbon and graphite blocks

Carbon and graphite blocks

Blocks of carbon and graphite for lining blast furnaces

Carbon and graphite blocks for blast furnaces are used for lining blast furnaces. Thermoanthracite and artificial graphite are the main raw materials used in the production of carbon blocks. Low-sulfur petroleum coke is used in the production of graphite blocks. Medium-temperature coal-tar pitch is used as a binding material. We manufacture rectangular and trapezoidal blocks with fully mechanical high precision:


Maximum block size deviations per brand,mm

Width, Height ± 0,75 ± 1,0 ± 0,5
Length, Up to 1600mm - ± 1,0 Up to 1600mm +5,0/-0,0 Up to 2000mm ± 1,0
Vertically installed rectangular-shaped blocks   Over 1600mm ± 5,0 Over 2000mm ± 3,0
Horizontally installed blocks     ± 3,0
With free end ± 10 ± 10 Up to 2000mm ± 1,0
Without free end ± 5,0 ± 5,0 Over 2000mm ± 3,0


Quality control machining

The machining quality is controlled at a special test bench. The test bench enables to implement a control assembly of the bottom and hearth parts for blast-furnaces of all dimensions and types.


Toletance interval, mm

Horizontal gap between the blocks and the line, maximum 1,5    
Gap between the block vertical faces, maximum      
Deviation from the nominal circular rows diameter of the hearth bottom block at the outer diameter and the hearth deviation at the inner diameter, maximum


+10mm +10mm
  -20   -20mm


Qualitative properties of blast furnance blocks

Total porosity* % TU48-12-37-91 for DBG
TU 48-12-18-88 for  DBU, DBU-0
maximum 30,0 maximum 20,0
Compressive strength MPa ISO 18515 No less than 17,6 No less than 31,4
Electrical resistance µOm·m ISO 11713 - maximum 80,0
Thermal conductivity at 20°С W/mK ISO 12987 No less than 80,0 -
* - calculated as the ratio of the difference between the actual and the apparent density to the actual density.