GROUP "EPM" produces high-tech products from coal and graphite, corresponding to the highest international quality standards. The Group's products are used in aluminum, steel, silicon, ferroalloy, chemical, nuclear, engineering, aerospace, electronic and energy industries.

El 6 manufacturers graphite and carbon based products that are used in aluminum, steel, silicon, ferroalloy, chemical, nuclear, engineering, aerospace, electronic and energy industries.


Graphite electrodes and nipples

Various AC and DC electric arc furnaces used in steelmaking, out-of-furnace steel treatment units, ladle arc furnaces, heat treating furnaces, ferro-alloy refining furnaces and other electric heat equipment.

Graphite electrode grades:

  • EGP-HP
  • EG-RP

Diameter: 75–710 mm.

Length: up to 2800 mm.

  • Steelmaking industry
  • Ferroalloy industry
  • Tube & pipe industry
  • Machinery
  • Other industries

Carbon electrodes and nipples


Nippleless male-female joint electrodes with conical thread, and electrodes with separate graphite nipples.

Electrode grades:

  • Carbon
  • Carbon graphite (graphite core)
  • Graphite

Diameter: 610–1320 mm.

Length: 2160–3250 mm.

  • Silicon production
  • Phosphorus production
  • Carbide and calcium production
  • Ferroalloy industry
Cathode blocks

Used as linings in aluminum electrolysis cells and manufactured according to customer drawings

Cathode block grades:

  • N1 – 30% graphite and 70% thermoanthracite
  • N2 – 40% graphite and 60% thermoanthracite
  • N3 – 100% graphite
  • N4 – petroleum coke graphite blocks
  • Aluminum industry
Furnace blocks

Used as furnace linings, manufactured according to customer drawings.

Furnace block grades:

  • Thermoanthracite carbon blocks 
  • Petroleum coke graphite blocks  
  • Cast iron production
  • Ferroalloy industry
Electrode paste

Used to produce self-baking continuous electrodes for electrothermal furnaces in steel, non-ferrous metal and chemical industries.

Electrode paste grades:

  • Grade A – produced from gas calcined anthracite coal
  • Grade C – produced from electrically calcined anthracite coal.

Shapes: pellets and cylinders.

  • Ferroalloy production
  • Carbide and calcium production
  • Phosphorus production
  • Abrasives production
Anode paste

Used to produce self-baking continuous anodes for aluminum electrolysis.

Shapes: pellets.

  • Aluminum industry
Carbon paste

Used to fill joints and seams between electrolyzer and furnace blocks.

Types of carbon paste:


  • Anthracite ramming paste for aluminum electrolyzers
  • Low shrinkage cold ramming paste for aluminum electrolyzers
  • Thermal conductive cold ramming paste for aluminum electrolyzers
  • Adhesive paste for aluminum electrolyzers
  • Thermal cold ramming paste for furnaces
  • Carbon mass for blast furnaces
  • Carbon paste for blast furnaces


  • Aluminum industry
  • Ferroalloy industry
  • Tube & pipe industry
  • Cast iron production
Calcined anthracite

Calcined anthracite is used as a filler in the production of ramming and electrode paste, cathode blocks, carbon electrodes and other carbon products.

Anthracite from the Gorlovsky deposit with high strength and chemical resistance to molten salt is used as raw material for the production of calcined anthracite.

The calcined anthracite is supplied to customers in big bags, which protect the product against environmental impacts.

  • Aluminum industry
  • Ferroalloy industry
  • Tube & pipe industry
  • Cast iron production
Calcined petroleum coke

Calcined petroleum coke is used for production of calcinated anode packs and anode paste, as well as graphite products. Raw petroleum coke is calcinated at the El 6 Novosibirsk.

After calcination, the petroleum coke is packed in big bags or supplied in bulk in railway cars.

  • Aluminum industry
  • Ferroalloy industry
  • Tube & pipe industry
  • Cast iron production

Carbon rich materials

Used to carburize cast iron, steel, converter charge, coke substitute in electro-thermal phosphate treatment, and as an additive to blast furnace agglomerate.

  • Steelmaking industry
  • Cast iron production
  • Phosphate production
  • Production of refractory materials
  • Construction

Graphite chemical equipment and heat exchangers

Absorption, desorption, rectification, etherification, heating, cooling and other processes in aggressive chemical environments.

  • Chemical industry

Anti-corrosive heat conductive graphite plastic (AGP) products

Anti-corrosive heat conductive graphite plastic (AGP) products: 

  • Carbon inserts for locomotive and trolleybus current collectors
  • Graphite tubular electrodes (GTE);
  • Liner tiles for protection of steel equipment in aggressive environments
  • SU2000 glassy carbon products.
  • Chemical industry
  • Rail transport
  • Oil & gas
  • Medicine

Pyrolytic graphite

Ultra-high-temperature equipment, thermal protection and dissipation devices, PVD bowls, rocket nozzles, etching electrodes for aggressive environments, etc. At temperatures above 2500 °C, pyrolytic carbon is the strongest known material.

  • Wide range of industries

Specialty graphites and graphite shapes

Products using the following materials:

  • High purity graphites
  • Fine grain, high density graphites
  • Improved structure graphites
  • Borosiliconized graphites
  • Siliconized graphites
  • Aluminum silicon carbide graphites
  • Anti-friction graphites
  • Specialty graphites
  • Wide range of industries